34th St Look Book

Our First Collection.

A writer has said, “he had seen a t-shirt once that said: NEW YORK FUCKIN’ CITY. As if it were the only place that had ever existed and the only one that would ever would.” At Broadway Local, a clothing brand founded and based in New York City, we feel the same.

The tourist t-shirt, that piece of clothing you buy on vacation and then sits in your drawer for years, unused until it finally winds up on display on a rack at GoodWill or in the trash can. We’ve been fascinated with that idea. But there is only one tourist t-shirt that is as famous as New  York’s iconic I ❤ NY.

By printing I ❤ NY over the t-shirt of any city, anywhere, New York says “fuck you”, and claims that piece as its own. Each piece is hand-printed on vintage and 1-of-1. Broadway Local is directed and designed by Andrew Clark.

Direction + Styling by Andrew Clark
Photography by Juliet Sabella
Hair and Make Up by Dominique Derose
Models: Adam Kaplan & Anam Cara